Doubles, Doubles, I can add doubles!

It was DOUBLES week in Maths last week! With a little help from Pinterest, I was able to incorporate some fun learning tasks into my lessons to help me teach this topic to my Grade 2’s. I think I might have enjoyed teaching it as much as my students loved learning about it! 
First of all we started with a warm up song.
**WARNING this song is extremely catchy!**
There are 2 versions , 1-5 and 6-10. 
Next, we created our very own Double Dudes!
The template to this cute activity was included in an Addition Strategy pack I purchased from TPT and made by Amy Lemons. :)


The following day, we played a game of “Double Bingo’
During our Share Time, we played a quick game of ‘Doubles Stomp’ (inspired by a pin I found on Pinterest.)


Doubles Stomp: How to Play:

Spread out numbers 0-24 (even numbers only)
Children sit in a circle.
Choose two children to play against each other.
Call out a doubles sum – Eg: Double 7, or 7 and 7
Children need to stomp on the correct answer.
First child to do so wins, the other child sits back in the circle.
Too easy!


When I can see that my students have a good grasp of how to count in doubles, I plan to extend them by teaching ‘near doubles’. An example of this would be if you know that 4 + 4 = 8, you can instantly work out that 4 + 5 = 9. I guess this just shows how important and helpful learning doubles is in the early years of education!

I hope you’ve found some helpful games and activities here. If you have any that your students have loved while learning about doubles, I’d love to hear about them! Please comment below and tell me all about them!

I also have Numeracy posters, units and games that might tickle your fancy! You can take a look here.

Till next time! xx

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